Baby tigers, yes!!!

Baby tigers, yes!!!

September 18, 2010  |  Blog

Never in a million years did I imagine myself playing in a tiger cub pen in the middle of Oregon, USA- no offence to Oregon, but I thought you had to pay loads of money or go to Africa to do something crazy like that! Luckily on my road trip from California to Washington State, I talked my mom into letting me stop at what the sign said to be “America’s Largest Petting Zoo.” I’m a sucker for these kinds of things and I figured my legs needed a good stretch anyways. So for $36.00USD my mom and I enjoyed Noah’s Ark in real life as we got to play with wild animals (without cages!!) My utimate experience was the baby tiger brothers who were only 12 weeks old. One decided to play a little rough and bite my mom in the back of the head (luckily as a photographer I was able to capture that hilarious moment!) All in all, what an AMAZING EXPERIENCE!! I totally recommend it if you’re in Southern Oregon to stop by the Game Park Safari.

Ok, I’m totally ready to shoot for National Geographic now!!

yep, that’s me! Don’t worry, I didn’t let the donkey drool on me!! (GROSS!)

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  1. The photo’s I took of you this time are pretty good!

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