Former USA President Jimmy Carter meets Spear students- London

Former USA President Jimmy Carter meets Spear students- London

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more pictures coming soon…

St. Paul's Centre Opening- Bishop of London

St. Paul’s Centre Opening- Bishop of London

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St. Paul's Church Publicity Stunt

St. Paul’s Church Publicity Stunt

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Spear Ball- Miranda Hart

Spear Ball- Miranda Hart

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Elmbridge Magazine's 10th Anniversary Party

Elmbridge Magazine’s 10th Anniversary Party

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I had the lovely opportunity to photograph the Elmbridge magazine’s 10th Anniversary party held at Sandown Park in Esher. There were about a 150 guests, raffle for charity as well as an auction. The weather was beautiful and everyone seemed to have an amazing time!

GB team 2012 -Canoeing

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Next to my husband, Jonathon is probably one of my fav. guys in England- I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but really he’s such a cool guy. My favourite memory is him showing up to my wedding in a designer suit with a pink shirt- I was like wow, this is my kinda friend!
Jonathan is an amazing athlete and everyone is supporting him train for the 2012 London Olympics. We took these photos near Ham House in Richmond- gorgeous lighting and stunning shots!
check out his profile!

Asian Henna Party, with no henna, but PURE beauty!

July 13, 2010  |  Blog, Events, Recent  |  3 Comments

Wow, I truly felt honoured to be a part of this amazing evening. Sheerine, the sister of the groom contacted me to do their photos. I was blown away by the colours, beautiful shoes and jewellry and the hospitality of this family. This event is special because it celebrates the groom a few days before his wedding- the bride was not allowed to attend, but I hope to meet her one day.

I think the most special thing about this pre-wedding celebration was the love that I saw for the groom, son, brother and friend. Each guest was given the opportunity to bless the groom by anointing his head with olive oil, giving him a sweet to eat and giving him a hug and kiss to show how special he was to them. Truly beautiful!

Live at The Artesian Wells

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Just a few snaps of Will Jackson, along side Simon Horn performing at Artesian Wells in Clapham. I also had the chance to meet Jules Rendell, she was lovely and her music was beautiful! Check out her website:

Gen’s Baby Shower

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Ali, one of Gen’s bf’s planned her the most amazing baby shower I’ve ever seen. Gen described it like, “magic!” There were about 13 of us of ladies in the middle of the park with handmade food, ferry cakes, hanging moons and stars in the trees and a lovely breeze. You can’t get much better than that! We are all going to miss Gen soo much!

Luci’s Bridal Party

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My lovely friend Sally had a rare weekend with 3 of her best friends to prepare for one of their weddings. The bride being from Hong Kong had limited time to spend with her gals and so they made the best of it. From drinks, to dress fittings, laughter and sunshine these girls were stunning and gave the real SATC girls a run for their money. The wedding is to take place in Bali later this year.