4am Wake-Up Call!

4am Wake-Up Call!

October 7, 2010  |  Blog, Recent

While on my visit to the states, I received a phone call at 4am. I assumed it was my husband calling me from the UK because sometimes we mess up on the time differences, but to my shocking surprise and jolt out of bed it was a new client calling to make an enquiry. I literally went from sleepy head to wide eyed and bushy tailed. David kindly introduced himself and said I had been referred by another client Rodney. That made me smile.
The project he needed was for a wedding gift to a close friend and also members of the Twickenham Society. He wanted some photos taken of Twickenham Green and framed for the newly married couple’s home. I had never done something like this so I was up for the challenge. After two attempts with the green to get the weather and light right, I was able to capture some beautiful images. Although, I much prefer capturing people I was really happy with how the project turned out. Both David and Rodney who needed the gift were very happy after I presented it to them over 3 cups of ordinary tea at a local pub. I love challenging myself and trying new things with my photography. Hope you enjoy these!


  1. Very beautiful, I enjoy looking at all of your work

  2. Wonderful! Love your stuff. Saw it on Facebook via pickle & rye! My boyfriend Alex run’s P&R and I’ll be over in Jan. Your stuff would be amazing in there. We plan on rotating things so lets stay in touch! :)

  3. Thanks Valerie! I’m looking forward to being a faithful customer! He needs a mini American flag in there- maybe I just missed it!

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