Asian Henna Party, with no henna, but PURE beauty!

July 13, 2010  |  Blog, Events, Recent

Wow, I truly felt honoured to be a part of this amazing evening. Sheerine, the sister of the groom contacted me to do their photos. I was blown away by the colours, beautiful shoes and jewellry and the hospitality of this family. This event is special because it celebrates the groom a few days before his wedding- the bride was not allowed to attend, but I hope to meet her one day.

I think the most special thing about this pre-wedding celebration was the love that I saw for the groom, son, brother and friend. Each guest was given the opportunity to bless the groom by anointing his head with olive oil, giving him a sweet to eat and giving him a hug and kiss to show how special he was to them. Truly beautiful!


  1. Beautiful! Simply beautiful! I love how you captured the colors! The sweet little kids were my favorite. Simply beautiful.

  2. Beautiful artistry with color! You capture the emotion of your subjects without them knowing your doing it…true talent and passion in your work!

  3. We are so blessed we found you, as you captured our special day in the most wonderful way.
    Every picture shows a special moment, full of colour and life, you are truly talented.
    Thank you so much.

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