Customer Service, Starbucks & Creativity

Customer Service, Starbucks & Creativity

October 19, 2010  |  Blog, My Blog, Recent

I thought in this post I would share a behind the scenes overview from my shoot from last Friday. Can I just say, ‘WOW and a few tears!” I had the opportunity to shoot for the Spine and Wellness Centre in Stevenage for an old colleuage and close friend. He was needing some stock photography for his website, as well some team photos for his practice. Little did I know that the morning leading up to the shoot would be one of my most stressful photography days yet. What I learnt in that morning, will forever prepare me for more challenges a head.
The morning started with me having to pick up my rental flash (Canon Speedlight 580EX II) at Fixation because mine is in the shop for repairs. Might I just say that Sam at the customer service desk was awesome. Fixation is quite an interesting place… they only really market themselves to high professional photographers hence there are no big flashy signs outside their store. I actually had to call because I couldn’t find it and to be honest was a bit nervous going in because it seemed a bit random not to have a huge store display window. When I walked in, I realised, “Wow, this is a cool place and great customer service.” I’m looking forward to renting future gear with them and getting to know the staff.

After picking up my flash and heading back to Vauxhall station, I was super excited to grab a Starbucks because there isn’t one near my house so having my beloved Grande Soy Chai and Steak and Cheese panini was such a treat. While managing my ShootSac (brilliant creation by Jessica Claire), my tripod bag and my Starbucks I sat down to situate my gear and then proceeded to the train station. After sitting on the train and sipping on my Chai Latte, I literally had a PANIC moment, “Oh crap, where’s my tripod bag???” Maybe a few other choice phrase words, but we won’t get into that ;) Now my Londoners know that you don’t get mobile reception while being in the ground, I had to wait 22 minutes to call my husband to call Starbucks to track-down my gear. Sadly, I didn’t even get to enjoy my favourite Starbuck’s beverage because I was so worried I’d lost my gear and was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to perform properly at my shoot since I was doing my first VIDEOGRAPHY session! Luckily, my husband tracked it down and one of my close friends picked it up for me and brought it home safely.
To make things even worse, I was reaching for my headphones in my Shootsac to find that I didn’t bring my spare batteries for my Canon 7D. I was thinking, “Geez maybe I’m just idiot today!.” Praise the Lord for the iphone as I was able to research the nearest camera shop to my shoot to HOPEFULLY cross my fingers find a cheap, yet functional tripod and a spare battery! Luckily, I did!. Thanks to Digital Depot and my taxi driver, I was in and out less than 10 minutes. They are the FIRST camera shop that I’ve come across that sells FULLY charged batteries for high end cameras. I wanted to give the sales guy a hug! Seriously, Jessops and Calumet have lost my vote. The taxi driver informed me it was only a 20 minute walk to my shoot location. I figured I needed to blow off some steam of frustration and get in a better mood for my shoot.

My 14 quid make shift tripod with duck tape! Brilliant!

Thankfully, I was greeted by a happy cowboy Dr. Nabeel Alsaadi in his beautiful practice and smile on his face. It was like the stressful morning had never existed and I realised this is why I love my job. Getting to help people and take their photos. Moms always say they forget the labour pains after the baby is born. Maybe it’s kind of like that, I dunno…

Anyways here are a few images from the shoot!

As a side note, if you have any aches, pains or back/neck troubles I would highly recommend Dr. Nabeel. He has been treating my back now for over a year and I couldn’t be more pleased. As a photographer, I like to keep my body in balance as it effects my overall health. His Spine and Wellness centre also offers nutrition and massage.

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