October 6, 2010  |  Blog, My Blog, Uncategorized

Can I just say, “I can’t believe it’s Oct. and Christmas is around the corner!” What I love about the fall is the leaves and the crispness of the air. Over weekend I had a chance to shoot a very beautiful couple and I told them I wanted to incorporate leaves into their shoot. We got really lucky to find the deep red ones, which are my absolute favourite! It always fascinates me that the leaves know when to change colour and then to fall off. The process in which the leaves die is so beautiful.

On a more random note, I’ve really been enjoying life. At the moment, we’re hosting a good friend from the states and her and I had an amazing meal tonight at our local Persian restaurant- one of my favs! It was so lovely catching up with an American friend, spending 4 hours in the place and watching the staff stare at us because they didn’t know when to bring our bill. I think we drank about 5 glasses of ice water each. It was just so fun to talk about our lives, our joys and our struggles. I wish more people could be more open about their life to see that we all struggle and usually with similar things. I was super blessed by her company.

I would encourage my readers to live life to the fullest… enjoy long meals with close friends, be excited when the leaves change colour, love extravagantly and pursue the things you love, even if you think you don’t have time for. Life is just too short to let it go by so quickly you missed all the special little moments that were so meaningful.

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