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August 6, 2011  |  Blog, My Blog, Uncategorized

What a fun week it’s been! In this new season I’m attemping to blog more frequently and share more of what’s going on behind the ”scenes”. I love writing and really miss it. I can sometimes be a bit random on the grammer but it’s more about the content that I’m worried about then being perfect. Perfectionism is merely a mirage so I’m just going to let it go now :)

Today I had the lovely opportunity to do an engagement shoot with a friend and a colleauge from St. Paul’s Church. I love engagement shoots because it gives you a greater opportunity to get to know the couple and see their ”real” personalities come out behind the lens. Usually people are pretty nervous the first 10 minutes but once they realise it’s easy they just let go. The spot we chose today (Richmond) a long side the river is one of my most favourite places in England. Most of my portfolio was built along the river back in the day so I feel like I know it really well-it’s quirks, it’s faults, it’s beauty and the ”hot” spots. Toby and I were looking at old shoots last night and laughing and realising how far I’ve come. I’m super humble, but just sooo blessed by this talent and ability that God has given me. Photography can sometimes be scary because it is an expression of art and interpretation. I love capturing real moments…. just makes me smile thinking about it!

Life is keeping us busy. Just booked a few more weddings for 2012 and trying to think of holidays for the new year. Any suggestions please pass them along. Since Toby has a Greek heritage I’d love to go there someday. Maybe I’ll do a wedding there some day… Would love that!!

On a fun note, I just finished Steven and Sunny’s wedding! I did their wedding when I was home in Seattle a few week’s ago. You’ve never met a couple so in love. What I loved about their wedding was that they were soooo laid back and wanted to make sure everyone was having a great time and enjoying the mood of the day. They also chose to do their photos before the wedding ceremony so that we could spend a good amount of time but also so they could transition into their reception without having to hold everything up with photos.

The next week few weeks are looking pretty busy so I’m enjoying this 3 day weekend of being at home, editing while drinking a glass of wine, sitting next to Toby in our joint office and resting in the calm in the storm. We have a wedding coming up, a family shoot and a few misc. shoots for people’s websites. We also leave for Italy in two weeks for our last summer holiday. EEEKKK sooo excited to be back in Italy as we were there earlier this year shooting a wedding. We are their for pleasure, but will definitely post a few pictures.

I’ll leave you with this last picture taken from my iphone…. Happy Hour today with my hubby :) I joke that I should change my profession to being a chef because I love cooking and entertaining soo much.

Have a fab weekend!!

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